Ditch Caffeine.... Keep Your Routine. (Ecoideas Coffideas 100% Roasted Black Fig) - Peopletail Review

Ditch Caffeine.... Keep Your Routine. (Ecoideas Coffideas 100% Roasted Black Fig)

Here is the thing I love coffee and I will probably will never give up my morning cup. But there is that afternoon craving for a coffee and I have been looking at different alternatives. One that I recently came across is by Ecoideas (a company that I am very familiar with and use their products often), it's called Coffideas 100% Roasted Black Fig. Yes you read that correctly it is made of 100% Roasted Black Figs that are organic and that is all. I would have never thought of using Figs as a coffee alternative.

Coffideas 100% Roasted Black Fig is also caffeine free and is highly concentrated so it uses 50% less than regular coffee. Drinking Fig coffee comes with a few benefits besides the fact it is caffeine free, it contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like calcium. It's a great substitute for women that are pregnant or nursing. Doesn't give you the jitters and great for those who's anxiety increases after caffeine

It taste between a coffee and a black tea with a sweetness and no bitter after taste.

There are so many ways you could use it like lattes, or smoothies but I tried it the way I would make a simple coffee and it truly is delicious.

Here is how I made this yummy alternative to coffee.

You can brew the fig grinds anyway you would with regular coffee. I used a french press.

1. To make one serving just brew 1 teaspoon of Coffideas 100% Roasted Black Fig in about 1 cup of boiling water for between 7-10min (the longer the brew the stronger)

2. Sweeten with either Stevia or maple syrup. (I do have to say since there is no bitterness and a slight sweetness to it I found it perfect the way it was)

3. Add steam milk of choice. (I used a cashew milk)

This drink is not just a great alternative to your coffee but it also makes a great warm and comforting drink for children.  You could top it with a little whip cream and shaved chocolate or cinnamon, or even a scoop of ice cream and a cherry.