Shoosha Smoocha Lip Balm - Peopletail Review

Shoosha Smoocha Lip Balm

My lips get pretty chapped in the cold weather, so a good lip balm, like Shoosha Organic is important to me.

I tend to prefer organic because it's always on my lips and I know a fair amount winds up ingested. I've been slowly making the switch over to organic, natural products because I care what I put in and on my body.

Shoosha Smoocha Lip Balm is:

✅ USDA Certified Organic

✅ Safe enough to eat

✅ Free from gluten (important to this celiac), dairy, soy & palm

✅ Great tasting/smelling

✅ GMO free

I've been using the strawberry and it's very light and natural feeling and tasting. It glides on easily and doesn't leave my lips sticky or tacky throughout the day.