Bye bye Bloat 👋 - Peopletail Review

Bye bye Bloat 👋

As parents we are sleep-deprived, stressed, over caffeinated (even though it doesn't feel like it), and probably not eating well enough especially in those early months. All of this takes a toll on our bodies - especially our digestive system. We end up feeling bloated, irregular, and gassy!

Luckily, @ecoideas has come up with a vegan probiotic to help our digestive qualms (and get back into our favourite pair of jeans!). Enzybiotiq is made up of a combination of enzymes and probiotics from fruit, fungus, and beneficial bacteria!! 

No need to take chemicals or synthetic ingredients when nature has them already prepped for you!

The two coolest ingredients are the fruit enzymes! Papain found in the raw fruit of papayas - traditionally used to tenderize meat! Bromelain found in pineapples - what causes your tongue to sting when you eat pineapple. 

The capsules are an average size, and actually smell pretty good - kind of fruity!

I can't wait to see how enzybiotic can help me feel like my old self again. Bye, bye sluggish bloated me 👋

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