You will not KALE for a potato chip again... - Peopletail Review

You will not KALE for a potato chip again...

Looking for a better alternative to potato chips, but have no time to make your own snack (parent life am I right?)... Try @kaleyskalechips

These kale chips are brought you by the makers of the #UltimateKaleChip. This women owned brand is an eco powerhouse! They grow the organic kale here in Ontario (local!), air dry it using solar energy, and package their products all on the farm - no extra transportation! Their slogan "from field to chip in 24 hours" says it all.

On top of all that you can go visit the farm to see the kale and the chip process for yourself (talk about transparency!)

@kaleyskalechips have fairly clean, simple ingredients: kale, sunflower seeds, inactive yeast, cashews, coconut nectar syrup. Making them great source of protein and fibre! The kale is covered in these simple ingredients packing tons of flavour but maintaining that great crunch of a chip. 

This is all great, but do they taste good?? I tried the dill pickle flavour and honestly not bad! I would say they are more if a baby gerkin flavour (hint of sweetness from the coconut nectar syrup). If you are looking for a crunchy, pickle-y snack this could definitely satisfy your cravings. I can't wait to try the other flavours and see how they taste (salt & vinegar, and barbeque).

Have you tried @kaleyskalechips? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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