Calms the Mind and Body - Peopletail Review

Calms the Mind and Body

I received a couple of free samples of this product and wow!  Whenever I have to physically go in to work, I ALWAYS have trouble sleeping.  Usually I would be tossing and turning like crazy, take forever to fall asleep and then see every hour after midnight.  I used this product before going to bed and found that I fell asleep a lot faster and my mind fought against sleep a lot less.  I did wake up a few times and did have trouble falling back asleep once, but my mind and body were so calm, so I was not aggravated and flailing around like I normally do.  I felt way more rested than what I usually do.  I also used this product late one evening when I was having trouble falling asleep, partly due to the heat and no AC.  I fell asleep so fast, especially considering I had just been tossing and turning like crazy, and slept the whole night through, without worrying about the heat.  I got out of bed earlier than I have been and with a bit more energy than usual as well.

This product has so many other benefits!  My nighttime stress was relieved, sleep improved, and they also say that it also helps with pain and heart health!

The taste and smell made me think of a kids chewable vitamin.  It takes some getting used to for me since I have never been a vitamin or fruity person.  Once I have drank my one warm cup, I do have to wash the taste down with plain cold water, but I know that most people would not have a problem with the taste!