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Help for restless legs

Did you know almost half of Canadians are deficient in magnesium? I am one of those people and because of this, I was experiencing restless legs, insomnia, muscle cramps, fatigue, anxiety and heart palpitations.

The thing is - I eat well. I have tons of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds throughout the day and yet it wasn't enough.

Garden of Life Magnesium is made from a whole food formula. It contains organic brown rice protein magnesium chelate. Chelate means that the magnesium will be better absorbed by the body.

One of the things I love about Garden of Life Magnesium that sets it apart is that it provides 1 billion CFU live probiotics. I'm a recently diagnosed celiac and I'm supposed to be taking probiotics to help heal my gut. All the pills I've tried though cause upset and I stop taking them. This formula doesn't upset my system at all! Which means I'm getting the magnesium I want and the probiotics I also need.

I have the Raspberry-Lemon flavour. I mix one teaspoon with room temperature water (it won't mix thoroughly in cold) and drink it before bedtime. I'm not a huge fan of the flavour but this works so well for me that I can overlook that.

I've been using this for almost two weeks and my restless legs have stopped which is allowing me to get more rest at night. I'm getting less palpitations and feel more at ease. I'm hoping the benefits continue to improve over time. I'm so glad I tried the Garden of Life Magnesium. I'm definitely going to continue with it.