Possibly not a one size fits all product - Peopletail Review

Possibly not a one size fits all product

Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear?" Q-Tips shouldn't be used to clean ears, because in most cases you wind up just compacting the wax into your ear which can cause major issues later on. If you accidentally insert the swab too far into the ear canal, you can also cause damage to your ear drum. While most of us know this, we're guilty of using cotton swabs in our ears and to be honest, I'm guilty of it too.

Smart Swab was created to safely clean ears while removing the risk and problems associated with standard cotton swabs. This unique tool has disposable tips that are spiraled in order to extract wax with just a few twists. The package comes with the easy to hold handle and 16 disposable tips in a storage case.

The Smart Swab was very easy to use. I simply placed the tool gently in my ear and twisted in the direction of the arrows that are clearly marked right on it. Unfortunately, I didn't see any results with this tool at all. I think the issue may have been my ear canal was larger than the tips, so it couldn't properly extract any wax. Perhaps a solution would be to offer different sized tips because I'm sure others may have the same issue, since we're all different.

Also, the tips can only be used once, which means using two of them every time you want to clean your ears. This could get quite pricey, especially with shipping.

Personally, while I really wanted to love this product because I tend to get wax buildup, it just fell flat for me, because it didn't work at all. I can definitely see the appeal of this product, but sadly it just won't work for everyone.