Premier Protein - Caramel - Peopletail Review

Premier Protein - Caramel

Review: ...I was selected by @premierprotein to sample some delicious protein shakes this month. I was gifted the caramel and chocolate flavour. Since I’d already had the chocolate and enjoyed it, I was excited to try the caramel....The protein shake has 30g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals and only 1g of sugar in each shake. It’s also gluten free 🥳This shake can also be used as a beverage or even baked with! Super convenient. ...I placed the shake in the refrigerator overnight so it could be chilled first before trying. I found the shake to be a bit sweet, but still delicious. No grit, no weird after taste. Very creamy! ...Being a mom of two daughters, my life is certainly on the go a lot. I find I have the tendency to make sure the girls are fed, and forget to eat breakfast myself. These drinks are perfect because while I’m walking them to school, I can drink this and still get in the vitamin and minerals my body needs while on the go....Would I recommend? Absolutely! I believe you should at the very least try both the caramel and chocolate one to see if these shakes are for you. If you are near a Costco, they’ve been sampling them lately, so you may be able to try before you buy as well 🙌🏻💕...If you’ve tried them, what did you think? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!