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Jenn Letendre

Edmonton, AB


I am a business owner, stay at home mom and I love trying new products and sharing my opinions.

Jenn’s Reviews

A great addition to your favorite recipes!

I really enjoyed the Liva Date Syrup.  I used this in my favorite creamy balsamic vinaigrette in place of honey. It has a really unique, sweet flavor.  When it's as hot as it has been salads are my go to. I often add dates to the salad and switch out...
by Jenn Letendre

Mmmm tastes too good to be good for you!

This was my favorite of the Tribe ACV sparkling beverages. I didn't really taste the same but I really like the black berry flavor. I added fresh blackberries and next time I will add some vodka for a cocktail with health benefits.  Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) helps your metabolism and...
by Jenn Letendre

After the last 2 years who's liver couldn't use a cleanse

It's been a stressful two years and I know I've indulged in an extra glass of wine here and there.  Milk thistle supports healthy liver function and liver health.  The liver is so important because it filters all of the blood in the body and breaks down toxins in both...

Thirst quenching with a side of gut health.

I really enjoyed Trive ACV.  I'm not usually a big fan of ginger but this one surprised me. I think this would be really good paired with gin and I can't wait to try it. We are finally able to enjoy some warmer weather and this was great after a...
by Jenn Letendre

TribeACV Sparkling water without the bloat.

I really enjoyed the Tropical Blend Tribe ACV Sparkling Apple cider vinegar drink.  I wasn't sure what to expect as I have experienced the unpleasant flavor of a ACV shot. The flavor is light and slightly tart and fruity.  I love that it isn't sweet and contains only 2 grams...
by Jenn Letendre

So convenient and easy to take!

I have been using Pure-Le Organic D3+K2 for about a week now. The bottle has a dropper and is flavorless, so I just take four drops every morning.  I like that it only contains four ingredients.  Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus and is important for building...
by Jenn Letendre

My afternoon iced coffee without the headache!!

I have tried Coffideas alternative coffee a few times now and I really enjoy it. I usually have a coffee in the morning, and I like an iced coffee in the afternoon. I often find that my afternoon coffee gives me a headache or makes me feel jittery. This is...

Looking forward to better recall!

I have been using Health First Memory for about a week now and I plan to continue. My dad has dementia and memory is something that I obviously worry about.  Something as simple as misplacing something or going into a room and forgetting why I’m there can worry me.   This...
by Jenn Letendre

Gut health is key to overall health!

I didn't know very much about prebiotics before I started using this. I knew that probiotics were microorganisms in your gut that can aid in nutrient absorption. I I knew that probiotics were microorganisms but I didn't know that you needed to feed them which is where prebiotics come in....
by Jenn Letendre

So many benefits and it tastes great!

I have been using Salus Calcium and Magnesium for about a week now and I love the taste! It is made without preservatives which means it has to be refrigerated and is good for about 4 weeks after being opened.  Living in Canada where it is very cold in the...
by Jenn Letendre

Smarty Pants are where it's at!

Probiotics are so important to our gut health and this is something that is important to kids as well. I wouldn't say my son is that picky buy he definitely doesn't eat enough food that promotes a healthy gut. My son loved the flavor and I like the benefits.
by Jenn Letendre

Great scents and smooth skin

I really enjoyed the soap from Fabindia. There are over 21 scents so there is something for everyone. I chose the shea butter healing and moisturizing soap and the avacado nourishing and moisturizing soap. The soap is luxurious and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. It's the little things for...
by Jenn Letendre

Just what everyone needs at the end of the day

This is such an amazing mask. I love that it's so easy to use. Simply open the package wait one to two minutes or if you're impatient shake the mask to start the warming process. The mask will stay warm for 20 to 30 minutes and has natural lavender aromatherapy....

Enjoy protein your way.

I really enjoyed the North coast naturals pumpkin protein powder. The powder is vegan, highly digestible and contains both zinc and magnesium. I'm in my 40s and calcium is top of mind and I know magnesium is vital to the absorption of calcium.   I am not a morning person and...
by Jenn Letendre

Smooth and hydrating... Skip the lotion

I have always been a fan of Dove products and I grew up using their beauty bars. I took a break from Dove but am happy to go back now that they are PETA cruelty-free certified. The pear and Aloe scent is a new one for me. It smells refreshing...
by Jenn Letendre

A sweet treat you can feel good about!

There are many reasons to Love the Herbaland gummies but the most important is the taste. If you're like me you have heard the benefits of Apple cider vinegar. Even with the benefits I find it hard to incorporate a shot of Apple cider vinegar into my morning routine. I...
by Jenn Letendre

Tarte Shape Tape Setting Powder helps to blur my fine lines

I am definitely not a make-up pro but Tarte's Shape Tape setting powder is a must. I use the translucent powder to set my makeup. The powder blurs fine lines without settling in the creases and accentuating. This is a must now that I am in my 40s. The Amazonian...

Not just for babies

I bought this for my son and I use it just as often. It is free of scent, organic and cruelty free. It is think but easy to rub into your skin. The formula isn't greasy at all and really takes care of my...I mean my son's dry skin.
by Jenn Letendre

Great smell and great clean

I love all method products. They have fun verbage on the label, they work and most importantly they are not tested on animals. This cleaner is sprayed right onto the floor and then you'd can use a microfibre cloth to wipe off. There are no steaks and floors are shiny...
by Jenn Letendre

Great product and 3 in 1!

I love this cleanser. I use it as a face wash and it had a gentle exfoliator. I use it as a mask. It stays on for 5 minutes then add a little water and wash off or you can use it to spot treat. It leaves my skin smooth...
by Jenn Letendre