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Alexandra Franchuk

Lac La Biche, AB


30 year old mama to be, who loves trying new products and supporting local! 

Alexandra’s Reviews

This Movement is This Mama Approved!

I admit that I’m a skeptic when it comes to new products on the market that claim to help protect against leaks and odour when it comes to that time of the month. I have always been a sanitary pad girl with the ideology that even tampons are too technical...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Jam Packed Full of Flavour!

My family loves bruschetta, dips and spreads, and charcuetterie boards. Every time we get together we always each bring our favorite cheese, meat and cracker products to add to the board and its so much fun to try the different flavor combinations. Next get together I am definitely bringing the...
by Alexandra Franchuk

The Most Interesting & Delicious Trail Mix!

I was intrigued yet unsure what the Activated Sprouted Trail Mix in Spicy Mango was going to taste like so I naturally ripped the bag open as soon as I got it and wow....  very very interesting and very very delicious! The smell is absolutely incredible and does not give...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Delicious Alternative to Popcorn!

I have tried popped lotus seeds in the past and really liked them as a healthier for you popcorn substitute, but the Karma Bites Caramel Popped Lotus Seeds are game changers. These, I WOULD give up popcorn for! Caramel popcorn is one of my ultimate weaknesses but everyone knows good...
by Alexandra Franchuk

All Natural and All I Need!

Ellie Bianca never ceases to amaze me with their health and beauty products and their all-natural liquid hand soap is another product that is so easy for me to rave about! These plant based soaps are perfect for a world where we are constantly and excessively (for good reason!) washing...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Perfect for the COVID Crazy!

As someone with a newborn baby, I can safely label myself as one of those people who has gone COVID crazy. I have been wearing masks long before they were mandated and have been using hand sanitizer to an extreme degree. My skin already gets extremely dry in the winter...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Nice to Meet You, Salsola Stocksii!

I had no idea what to expect when I received the Lumiere de Sel Fine Black Salt "infused with Salsola Stocksii for a savory egg-like aroma". That is literally what it says on the box and literally what it smells like. Not too pungent, just enough to think how odd,...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Jam Packed Powerballs of Deliciousness!

NAGI Makaroons are the first all natural protein bar/balls that I actually WANT to eat. These raw, vegan, organic protein balls are the perfect on the go snack, great for after a work out and perfect for your purse/desk for mid-day sweet tooth cravings or hunger pangs. The name, NAGI,...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Proud to be Chewsy!

I am just going to come out and say it - Chewsy, I love you. As a self proclaimed gum addict, I am embarrassed to say that I have never tried a natural gum before. Thanks to Chewsy, I can now not only say I have tried and love natural...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Simple, Healthy & Delicious!

I am a HUGE snacker and spending the last few months mainly locked inside the house has not helped my case any. I normally reach for the oily, greasy, deliciousness of fried potato chips but decided to try something a little healthier for me... Kaley's Dill Pickle Kale Chips! Kaley's...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Earthy Goodness For Your Mouth!

I am brand new to the whole 'natural toothpaste' fad so trying the Bentodent Premium Mint toothpaste was an exciting new adventure for me and my family! I had to do a little research and was astounded at what the mainstream toothpastes' contain in  their ingredients and what those ingredients...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Great for ALL periods!

Just recently having a baby and being period-free for the last year, I forgot how nerve wracking it can be to be unsure of whether or not you are being fully protected by your pads and liners. The first period after baby is no joke and it was much heavier...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Better For You Couscous!

My family LOVES the Chicken & Herb Barley Couscous from the Alaska Flour Company! We are avid carbohydrate eaters in our household and still have them at every meal, despite being told they are bad for you... especially prepackaged ones. The addition of Alaskan barley makes this a healthy alternative...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Tangy & Delicious!

Growing up in a Ukrainian household, beets and horseradish were staples in my childhood. Many people have probably not tried them together but we often ate roasted or boiled beets with a homemade horseradish cream... delicious! I was intrigued to see that Rudolfs came out with a Bio Organic Beetroot,...
by Alexandra Franchuk

The Natural Way to Look Naturally Radiant!

Natural skincare is so important to me but is  also some thing that I am very picky with. I get frustrated with products that claim to be all natural but aren’t or that are all natural but break me out or don’t work as well as their non-natural competitors. Ellie...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Buttery Drops of Cacao!

I am not Keto nor am I someone that strictly eats healthy, but I love experimenting and trying out new healthier for you foods. I love food substitutions and will try anything once. I won’t turn down a regular chocolate chip cookie, but if I can find a healthier version...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Versatile and Delicious!

We use oils everyday in our cooking but up until now we had never experimented with Pumpkin Seed Oil. I haven’t heard of or seen this type of oil in grocery stores so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is Pumpkin Seed Oil good for you, it’s...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Pure & Delicious!

I have found my new favourite nut butter! I incorporate the classic peanut butter into my breakfast every morning and although peanuts are one of my least favourite nuts, it’s the only nut butter I’ve tried! Pistachios, on the other hand, are one of my favourite nuts yet I’ve never...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Delicious, Healthier Energy Drink!

Caffeine is a vital part of my daily routine. The first thing I do in the morning is brew myself a strong, hot cup of coffee. Then, I usually brew myself one more right after. In the afternoons I find myself needing yet another cup of coffee or I end...
by Alexandra Franchuk

We Love Shoosha!

As a new first time mom I found it overwhelming when trying to find the best skincare choices for my newborn baby. I felt like each brand and product that I looked at had something I just wasn’t quite sure of. That’s until I was introduced to the Shoosha Organics...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Healthy & Delicious!

Eat to Life Kinwa Bars are not only revolutionary in the snack world, they are delicious and Canadian! Why so revolutionary you might ask? They contain only real ingredients and are made without artificial flavours, preservatives, GMO’s, and refined sugars and alcohols. Still not sold? What if I also told...
by Alexandra Franchuk

Strawberry Smoocha

Lip balms are essential for me year round and if I was stuck on a deserted island with the ability to only bring 3 things, you can bet a good lip balm would be one of them... more specifically, the Strawberry Organic Smoocha Lip Balm would be one of them....
by Alexandra Franchuk

Minty Goodness!

A good lip balm is a must-have for me as I feel like my lips are constantly dry, worsened in the winter months and when the seasons change. Using a good lip balm year round really helps lessen the harshness when the inevitable comes. I am so glad I found...
by Alexandra Franchuk

The Responsible Multi Surface Cleaner!

I have always been curious about Natural and Plant Based cleaners but have been skeptical about how well they work in comparison to the "big brands" I am used to using. With two cats and a little one on the way, I have been trying to incorporate more natural and...
by Alexandra Franchuk