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Mesha Thompson

Ontario Canada


I work as an optometric assistant and love it! I also do aesthetics on the side. I have a little Morkie named Gracie. I'm married to the love of my life. 💜 I love trying and reviewing new and exciting products to help others make informed decisions! 

Mesha’s Reviews

A great alternative to regular sugar!

I highly recommend this date sugar by Livia. The sugar is sweet so it’s the perfect substitute for regular sugar and sweetener. I love that it only has two ingredients- dates & love!  Also Dates are so healthy for you , they are low on the glycemic index and are...
by Mesha Thompson

Love this detergent!

I was so happy to get the chance to try these laundry strips! I’ve been lucky enough to get to try a few Greeniche products and honestly all of them I have loved. I love their brand!  I love how clean and easy these strips are to use! No liquid...
by Mesha Thompson

A great sweet alternative

I got to try out another awesome product from the brand Ecoideas! I have tried many of their products and so far have loved every single one! And of course this one was no different!  Ecoideas coco natura organic coconut powder, is a great alternative to your typical icing sugar....
by Mesha Thompson

A sanitizer that softens!

During these times you can’t go anywhere without having to sanitize your hands! And if your like most of us you have noticed that it has really taken a toll on your hands! They are so dry and also the smell of some of the sanitizers in places is enough...
by Mesha Thompson

Feeling reinvigorated!

Anyone else love a female run company that also handcrafts their products in Canada?! Meet Ellie Bianca! One of Ellie Biancas wonderful products is their liquid hand soap! Their soap is free of all the nasty things like parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Their soaps are GMO-Free, Cruelty free and vegan...
by Mesha Thompson

I 'chews' Chewsys!

I use to chew gum all the time. I especially chewed a lot when I worked as a cashier! But I stopped it all together when I noticed I seemed to be getting more cavities! I now only chew gum here and there to freshen my breath. But when I...
by Mesha Thompson

Good quality Coconut oil!

Coconut oil is all the hype these days! And with good reason, there is so much you can do with coconut oil, from eating it to using it as a moisturizer to making it into a body scrub there are so many possibilities! The only down side to coconut oil...
by Mesha Thompson

So easy to make!

Who doesn’t love pancakes!?! I am a very picky eater but I also love to try new foods and I especially like to try them when they are healthier for me! So when the opportunity came to try ecoideas buckwheat pancake mix I was pumped!! This products is gluten free...
by Mesha Thompson

Tastes like caramel!

Looking for a better substitute to cane sugar? Look no further! Check out coco Naturas organic coconut flower nectar! This yummy low GI sweetener is made from 100% pure coconut sap! Because it is low GI (meaning it is more slowly digested causing a slower rise in blood sugar) it...
by Mesha Thompson

Healthy energy!

First off I will say im not someone who drinks energy drinks as I find they are incredibly sweet and very unhealthy! Almost all are full of sugar and way too much caffeine. That being said I’m sure I’m not the only one that could use a boost in energy...
by Mesha Thompson

A warm hug in a cup

I have like many others been stressed out during this crazy time we are all going through and figured my body could use a little detox from the stress I’ve had and the not so good food I’ve been feeding it! When I need to take some time for me...
by Mesha Thompson

My husband loves it!

I was so excited to get to try out this lip balm as both me and my husband have very dry lips! A week prior to trying this product my husband was actually complaining about how cracked his lips were! My husband tried the natural no scent shoosha lip balm....
by Mesha Thompson

An Amazing lip moisturizer

Great Lip balm can be so hard to find, But then I tried Shooshas eucalyptus lip balm! And the lip balm game was forever changed!  The refreshing smell and feel of the eucalyptus and mint was truly amazing. This lip balm went on SO smooth it felt like velvet on...
by Mesha Thompson

So soft and smooth

I was a bit skeptical to try an oil on my face as I have very oily skin and the thought of putting more oil on my skin just seemed crazy! But I’m really glad I gave it the chance! I noticed the next morning after using Ellie Bianca rose...
by Mesha Thompson

Great tasting cold fighter

This product comes in a super convenient liquid form, it’s sugar and gluten free as well as vegan friendly! You can take it like a shot or mix it with your favourite beverage. I personally take mine straight like a shot. Something great about this product is children and adults...
by Mesha Thompson

Everyone can use a helping hand.

Anyone else need a little help losing a few pounds? You are not alone! My husband has been working hard to lose extra weight and eat healthier - so when I saw this product I thought it would be perfect for him to try.  Apple slim. Is a convenient vegetable...
by Mesha Thompson

Here comes the sun!

Vitamin D for myself is a must! Living in Canada especially in the winter I don’t get nearly enough sun (our main source of vitamin D) I suffer from vitamin D deficiency, so in the winter I take it everyday and try for at least every other day in the...
by Mesha Thompson

Got me back to feeling normal!

The digestive track is so important! It helps eliminate toxins. And something I recently learned it helps produce many hormones like serotonin and dopamine. So of course it can use a bit of help along the way. And that’s where healthology Gut-FX comes in. It contains herbs like marshmallow root,...
by Mesha Thompson

Goodbye inflammation!

About 13 years ago I was in an ATV accident and hurt my neck. I didn’t realize it at the time as I was a pre-teen and still growing. I started to notice neck and rib problems as the years progressed. Finally went to my chiropractor to realize my top...
by Mesha Thompson

Stop stress in its tracks!

As someone who stresses out easily and often I was very eager to give this supplement a try! It helps to lower anxiety and improve memory. It works by boosting our calming hormones and lowering our cortisol (stress hormones) levels, How cool! This stress relieving supplement comes in a vegetable...
by Mesha Thompson

A more solid sleep!

I was so happy to give this herbal sleep aid a try, as I have so much trouble falling asleep and i’m always waking up in the middle of the night. Stressing about life and what I have to do the next day! I found it helped me fall asleep...
by Mesha Thompson

Flavorall Simple Saffron & Almond Cheesecake

This was so fun to make! I've never tried the Flavorall products before and it was so fun getting to try them out!  This recipe makes a pan 9” by 1”  ( I used a tart pan because I don’t have a spring pan but you can use either. )...
by Mesha Thompson

A must have in your beauty regime!

This product contains so many great natural ingredients. Including rose water which is great for reducing acne, redness, extra oil and so much more! It also includes argan oil which is great for aging skin! And almond oil that helps keep your skin moisturized. With all these star great ingredients...
by Mesha Thompson

Colon Health - let's talk about it!

Colon supplements! Something we don’t usually love to talk about... but we should! Many of us suffer from an uncomfortable experience with our colons either regularly or just every so often. It’s natural and we should talk about it and help each other out!  For the last two months I...
by Mesha Thompson