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Best baby wash and shampoo!

January 03, 2021 Report

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Splish-splash I was DRINKING the bath πŸ’¦

Anyone else's baby LOVE to drink the bath water? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ It's kind of gross but also kind of cute, c'mon anything babies do is cute!Β 

Did you ever stop to think about what they are drinking though? I mean besides a little toe jam and leftover puree trapped in their neck rolls...

The bath products you use on your baby are in the water - the water they are drinking. Shouldn't we make sure they are safe to consume? If you check your current baby bath products how many of them say "if ingested call..." or "for external use only..." or "keep out of reach of children". How can a bath product for BABIES have such scary warnings? Shouldn't these products be so pure and safe that diluted ingestion (bath water) shouldn't be a concern??Β 

Natural, organic, and pure bath products are a must for your baby. @shooshaorganic is my absolute favourite baby wash and shampoo. It lathers on so nicely. The product is a thicker 'gel' so it even works well under water! The aloe and coconut oils keep Maya's skin hydrated, and it smells so nice! I prefer the unscented over the lavender - the subtle fresh scent is enough for us ☺️ 

Remember to always read the fine print on products! If it isn't safe to be around children it shouldn't be used for children.Β 

What's your favourite baby wash and shampoo?

P.S. don't drink the bath water...babies pee in it πŸ˜‰

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