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We Love Shoosha!

September 15, 2020 Report

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As a new first time mom I found it overwhelming when trying to find the best skincare choices for my newborn baby. I felt like each brand and product that I looked at had something I just wasn’t quite sure of. That’s until I was introduced to the Shoosha Organics brand - the first complete USDA Certified skincare line in North America. Their Organic Sensitive Skin Face & Body Lotion ticks all my boxes and is the only lotion I will use on my daughter... here’s why:

I love that this product is certified organic food grade. It is literally so pure and so safe that you could eat it. Considering this goes on her sweet little face and on her hands (which constantly find their way to her mouth), this is super important to me. The lotion is made with organic juices, butters and extracts and contains NO synthetic ingredients, preservatives or alcohols. The product even has a food grade warning about proper storage as the lotion has no chemicals to keep it solid in hot weather conditions. 

Coupled with being certified organic, I love the ingredients in this lotion. Oatmeal is something my mother used to use on me for its soothing properties when I was a baby and I love that Shoosha has incorporated it into their hypoallergenic lotion. Oatmeal is recognized by both Health Canada and the FDA as an effective ingredient in helping soothe redness and itching on the skin. The addition of Vitamin E helps shields my babies sensitive skin from harsh weather conditions and pollution. This lotion is so hydrating and leaves my babies skin feeling soft, smooth and soothed. 

We are currently using the unscented version and it truly has no smell. This fast absorbing and non sticky lotion dries quickly and doesn’t leave any residue or smell on baby. It’s easy to use and comes in a large 6 oz size so it lasts for a long time. My baby is 4 weeks old and we have used this lotion and only this lotion since she was born. Her skin is soft and smooth and she has no dry or flaky patches. I highly recommend this lotion if you are looking for a safe, organic and hypoallergenic lotion for your family - your newborn will thank you!


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