Peopletail - Shop, Sell, and Earn.

Peopletail is a marketplace where everyone can shop, sell and earn.

We believe

People want to see how other people use products or services to make their lives better before buying.

We focus on

Humanizing the way people shop online through other people.

Helping people to learn how other people use products before they buy.

Encouraging people to include photos and videos to enhance other people’s shopping experiences.

Showcasing diversity, creativity and originality through people’s reviews and experiences.

Developing fun and rewarding challenges for people to participate in.

Building the world’s largest people-to-people shopping platform.

We’re located

Markham Ontario,

We're proud members

IBM Tech Accelerator Program

Our Team

Zahra Abbas

Product Launch Specialist

Tarra Clark

Community Leader

Anna Cabrera

Public Relations

Raji Kalra

Co-founder & CEO

Ming Tse

Co-founder & CTO

Sahil Jain

Shopify Specialist

Ajit Das

Fullstack Developer

Syed Abu Sayeed

Lead Designer

Naser Alubaidi

AMZ Scale

Mohamed AlFituri

AMZ Scale

Advisory Members

Ash Singh

Investor & Entrepreneur

Rafic Sidani

President & CEO, Ecoideas

Chris Tester

CEO, CoffeeBooster

Thomas Bedford

CEO, Healthology

Lee Bowie

Technical Advisor, IBM

Garry Chan

Technical Advisor, IBM