3 Left - Please help!

3 Left - Please help!

Ended June 26, 2022 EST



Hey everyone, I still need 3 reviews for Milk Thistle, could you consider ordering these?  

Milk Thistle is indicated for liver health. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed Milk Thistle’s ability to detoxify, cleanse and regenerate the liver and its tissue. Milk Thistle has been used by Herbalists for thousands of years to strengthen the liver, helping to protect against alcohol and pollutants. This herb assists the body in two ways; it aids liver cell membranes to inhibit the penetration of toxins into cells and provides nutritional support for the production and maintenance of healthy liver cells.

– Antimicrobial– Acid Reflux– Antiviral– Autoimmune– Antioxidant– Gluten-Free– Inflammation– Vitamins

1) What you need to do:

a) Video: No longer than 1-minute video (filmed sideways please) on the benefits, add a personal story perhaps? Why did you decide to try these. There is an incentive of $25 for video.

b) Photos: Lifestyle photo - a shot of the product in a nice bright clean "insta-worthy" photo 

c) Education viewers.  A lot of people don't know the numerous benefits.

What will you receive?

Bottle of Purele Milk Thistle 

DUE DATE: June 26

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Milk Thistle is your livers best friend!

Our second largest organ is our liver and sometimes it needs help. I love using Pure-Le Natural's Milk Thistle to help rejuvenate my liver cells. It's an organic supplement that has been clinically proven to support the production of healthy liver cells. Our liver is one of the only organs...
by Emily Price

Improving liver health just got easier with milk thistle!

Milk thistle is a flowering herb known for its many benefits. It is an antioxidant that can boost milk production in breast feeding moms, reduce acne, lower blood sugar levels and improve heart health. I personally love milk thistle for its protective effects on the liver. Whether someone has suffered...

Milk Thistle - Your liver will thank you!

Your liver is the ultimate multitasker. It aids in digestion, helping to break down fat, absorb some vitamins and minerals, and stores glycogen (an energy source) and vitamins to be used by the body later. It cleans toxins from the blood, has a role in regulating glucose, blood pressure, insulin,...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Love Your Liver 🤍

Milk thistle has been a part of my liver-care regime for a long time, because let’s face it, I’m a bit of a wine lover….  The liver is an extraordinary organ in the body. It functions to breakdown, sweep and eliminate toxins from your blood. It’s important to eat a...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC