Ended June 26, 2022 EST



 Many people supplement their vitamin B12, but there’s a catch: The common form of vitamin B12 is Cyanocobalamin (passive B12). It is inexpensive, lab-made, and contains cyanide to reduce its cost to 1% of the cost of better forms of B12. Most importantly, Cyanocobalamin cannot be used by your body without dramatically reducing its potency and releasing the cyanide.

Conversely, Methylcobalamin (active B-12) is found widely in nature and is absorbed and used instantly by your body without loss of potency. Pure-le Organic uses only premium Active Vitamin B-12 without flavours, colours or sweeteners.

1) What you need to do:

a) Video: No longer than 1-minute video (filmed sideways please) on the benefits, add a personal story perhaps? Why did you decide to try these? There is an incentive of $25 for video.

b) Photos: Lifestyle photo - a shot of the product in a nice bright clean "insta-worthy" photo 

c) Education viewers.  A lot of people don't know the numerous benefits.

What will you receive?

A 50ml bottle of B12 Drops

DUE DATE: June 26




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Methylcobalamin is the active form of B-12

I find myself taking B-12 as I get older. I didn't really bother with it when I was young but I find I need to supplement with it the older I get. My ability to absorb isn't as strong as it was when I was younger so I often look...

Incredible Health With Organic B-12

About 10 years ago when I was still in my 20's I stated to notice some small changes such as being tired a lot more and forgetting things. At the time I had four kids at home so I just assumed it was due to that. Shortly after I started...
by Rachel C

Quality Matters: Pure-Le Organic Active B-12

Product: Pure-Le Organic Active B-12 Reviewer: @HolisticJudith How do you know if you need to supplement with B-12? Well, everyone will be different, but in my case, I get lethargic and grumpy. I don’t like randomly supplementing without a baseline from a blood draw and sure enough, my blood recently...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Pure-Le now has an organic form of its Active B12!

Since this past Fall, I have been supplementing with sublingual Vitamin B12 .  Did you know that B12 deficiency affects 40% of the population? Those most affected are vegans and vegetarians as vitamin B12 can be found in meats and dairy.  Just because you are a meat eater though, doesn't...

Vitamin B12 in dropper form.

I have tried the brand Pur Le Organic in the past and loved their products.  What I lobe most about their active B12 is it comes in dropper form so no swallowing capsules.  I also like that it tastes like cranberry juice making it enjoyable to take. The only down...
by Cheyenne mitchell