Pure-le Naturals Milk Thistle

Pure-le Naturals Milk Thistle

Ended April 30, 2022 EST



Milk Thistle is indicated for liver health. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed Milk Thistle’s ability to detoxify, cleanse and regenerate the liver and its tissue. Milk Thistle has been used by Herbalists for thousands of years to strengthen the liver, helping to protect against alcohol and pollutants. This herb assists the body in two ways; it aids liver cell membranes to inhibit the penetration of toxins into cells and provides nutritional support for the production and maintenance of healthy liver cells.

– Antimicrobial– Acid Reflux– Antiviral– Autoimmune– Antioxidant– Gluten-Free– Inflammation– Vitamins

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What will you receive?

Bottle of Purele Milk Thistle Drops

DUE DATE: Sunday April 30

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Be a Liver Lover: Pure-Le Organic Milk Thistle Concentrate

Product: Pure-Le Organic Milk Thistle Concentrate Reviewer: @HolisticJudith Looking to love on your liver? Did you know you can detox and regenerate liver function and tissue with the herb milk thistle? It helps to strengthen and protect the hard-working liver by preventing toxins from accessing liver cells and by supporting...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Pure-le Organic Milk Thistle is great for your liver health!

High liver enzymes can lead to a diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  Milk Thistle is a great supplement to take for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as it actually helps rejuvenate liver cells and aids liver cell membranes to inhibit the penetration of toxins into cells. There are so many...

After the last 2 years who's liver couldn't use a cleanse

It's been a stressful two years and I know I've indulged in an extra glass of wine here and there.  Milk thistle supports healthy liver function and liver health.  The liver is so important because it filters all of the blood in the body and breaks down toxins in both...

Milk Thistle a plant with so many health benefits!

This was my first time trying Milk Thistle & I love the Pure Le Organic brand because its organic & free from preservatives.  The number one function of Milk Thistle is to support healthy liver function.  I am not a doctor or medical professional just someone that loves finding products...

Liver Support Made Easy - Pure Le Organic Milk Thistle

Our liver works hard to filter toxins and nutrients from our blood, and we should be supporting it to help keep it healthy and working at its maximum potential.  One way to do so is by introducing milk thistle into your diet.  Milk thistle is an antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial that...

When you perform over 100 functions you need love and support (Pure-Le Milk Thistle)

Did you know that the liver is the second most important organ in the body? (Your heart being the first) The liver performs over 100 different functions including the following: * Circulation - The liver stores and regulates the blood and is responsible for nourishing every cell in our body....

Pure-Le Natural Milk Thistle Concentrate

As a cancer survivor, it’s been incredibly important to keep my health at top priority. With all the radiation, brachytherapy and chemo treatments, my liver and bladder took a lot of damage.  I was recently gifted the Pure-Le Natural Milk Thistle Concentrate to help with improving my healthy liver functions....