Low Iron?

Low Iron?

Ended March 31, 2022 EST



About this product:

  • Floradix contains organic iron from ferrous gluconate, vitamins B2, B6, B12 and C which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • In addition, iron contributes to normal red blood cell (supported by vitamins B6 and B12) and hemoglobin formation.
  • Furthermore, vitamin C increases iron absorption. Floradix liquid contains iron from ferrous gluconate which is a particularly absorbable form.
  • Floradix is easy to take and helps safeguard the balance of iron and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and C.
  • As these nutrients are already dissolved, they are absorbed more quickly by the digestive system compared to tablets. Floradix contains selected herbs and several fruit juice concentrates for a pleasant taste.
  • Floradix contains no alcohol, preservatives, colourings, or artificial flavourings. It is lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians. Floradix is suitable for women, including expectant and lactating mothers, children, adolescents, the elderly, convalescents, vegetarians, and those with an active lifestyle.

What you need to do:

1) Personal Story / Review:  Benefits of iron.  This is important because there are many reasons why people take iron.  They could be anemic or they have very heavy crampy menstrual cycles and need an extra boost.  

How did it taste?  How did it work for you?  Why are you taking it?

2) Video:  Looking for a very simple 1-minute testimonial on Floradix and why you take it.  Again, taste / reason / educate.  ** Do not order this product if you aren't willing to do a video, please.

3) Lifestyle Photos:  Please throw in a couple of lifestyle photos that I can use on the Healthology social media channels.

What you will receive:

1 x 250ml bottle of Salus Floradix

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Promo Code: SPRING2022


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An organic iron supplement that’s great for the whole family!

I was diagnosed with anemia years ago, and now I always take an iron supplement.   I am also vegetarian, so sometimes I cannot get enough iron through the food I eat. So I was pleased to try Salus Floradix Formula (liquid iron & vitamins) by Healthology. I work out 5-6...

Low energy, cold all the time, heart palpitations, thinning hair? Maybe you are low on iron?

I have suffered low iron on several occasions over the past ten years. Lack of absorption has been an underlying condition but now I am finally able to maintain my current healthy levels by supplementing with Floradix. I take it twice a day as directed and love the taste of...

Amazing Liquid Iron supplement

Women have a tendency to be low in iron. I personally have heavy menstrual cycles and I also rarely eat red meat. If I don’t get enough iron particularly during my period I can feel quite lethargic and foggy. My job requires a lot of energy; I’m a personal trainer,...
by Jennifer Morse

Pumping Iron, the Liquid Way: Salus Floradix Formula

Product: Salus Floradix Formula (Iron & Vitamins) Reviewer: @HolisticJudith I have struggled to keep iron at optimal levels since I was a kid. I still get my levels checked regularly, though I can generally tell if I am dipping, especially after a period or a blood draw. I tend to...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Liquid Iron -Salus Floradix Formula

Do you suffer from low iron?  If so, Salus Floradix Formula (Liquid Iron and Vitamins Formula) my be right for you.  I'm not personally diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, nor have I been tested, but I have suffered with many of the symptoms for some time.  Symptoms of low iron...
by Kiley Briscoe

Liquid Iron - Easy to take and Easy on your tummy!

Whenever I've donated blood, I'd be couch-bound with crippling fatigue and seemed to be ravenously hungry for days.  It was quite a mystery as my hemoglobin levels were always very healthy, so I was never considered low in iron (anemic).  I stopped trying to donate blood but still struggled with...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Iron that’s easy on the stomach and effective!

I have been anemic or borderline anemic on and off throughout the last few years so I jumped on chance to try Salus’ Floradix Formula. I have been so impressed by the quality of this Floradix Formula as with only taking it for a few weeks it has already been...

Tasty liquid iron supplement

I am so excited to have found this Salus product. For me personally, the taste is EVERYTHING, I cannot stomach a lot of things unfortunately and this leads me to losing out on nutrition. Not anymore! I am thrilled about the taste and effects that I have most recently had....
by Tyler Simpson

Quick, Easy, and Tasty Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula by Salus.

After taking the Liquid Iron and Vitamins formula from Salus consistently for a matter of weeks, I have already noticed a huge difference in my overall energy levels. Now, when taking vitamins, how I feel is always the first indicator of a good vitamin. In this case, Salus takes the...