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Salt- gonna be alright

May 07, 2021 Report

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These Crystal salt stoned from Lumiere de Sel are versatile in so many ways. Salt has a lot of health benefits, especially all-natural sea salts.  It can be used to brine for internal cleansing, which is the process of releasing toxins from the body. I decided to use mine in a different way and use it as a garnish for food and make a herbed sea salt blend. I pulverized the crystal stones into smaller chunks in my food processor. Adding in a bit of water to give it some moisture makes it easier to chop up the huge chunk into finer pieces. I added in 5 stones of salt, 2 tbsp of water, and added in some dried rosemary, garlic powder, and thyme. This is great for using on top of every meal from salad, seasoning potatoes or even meat marinades. Other health benefits from regular use are the increase in energy, help with nerves in the body, help with digestion and gives your body multiple essential minerals. The dentist also recommends it to prevent gum disease and control and help reduce the redness of gum lines. With so many different uses, I cannot wait to venture out into the world of salt, who knew how many uses there were.


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