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Tasty Meal in Minutes!

May 06, 2021 Report

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If you’re busy and constantly on the go, and you want a fast meal but you don’t want fast food, then I recommend trying Ready Meal Konjac Rice from Ecoideas. I tried the Yellow Lentil Curry and the flavour was impressive! It also left me feeling satisfied because of the high fiber content found in the konjac rice. 

Here are 3 main reasons why this product excites me: 

1.      Quick and Easy . It’s like ‘Convenience’ food but a healthier option for our body’s. When you compare with other packaged meals of the same idea (160 calories per pouch vs. 320).

2.       Lower in calories and glycemic index compared to rice. It’s made from a root vegetable called Konjac (readily eaten in Japan for centuries) … it’s composed of just water and fiber. ~ 40% of a type of fiber called glucomannan – one of the highest water holding types of fiber of any food. This makes you feel fuller with less substance, and slows down your digestion  - thus avoiding any blood sugar spikes and contributing to it’s weight loss claims. Calorie wise… Konjac rice is only ~ 10 calories/100g compared to 130 for white rice; 111 for brown; 121 for basmati and 101 for wild rice.

3.       Made using organic konjac…. which is naturally free from gluten, carbs, fat, sodium and sugar. Maybe not the most nutrient dense food but acts as a great base because of it’s high fiber content – and from there you can add whatever you desire to it. The Ready Meal Yellow Lentil Curry adds vegetables, lentils, ginger, chickpeas, garlic, spices and so on (no ingredients that you cant pronounce).

I think it’s a great option for a quick meal or easy side dish. The texture wasn’t overly soft or chewy, and I enjoyed the flavor – not too spicy for my sensitive taste buds. If you’re a spice lover this also gives you the flexibility to throw in some of your own pizazz. I love how easy it was to get a deliciously healthy, plant-based meal quickly and conveniently made in the comfort of my home (can also be easily made at work with a microwave) – and easy cleanup!! 

Konjac rice may or may not be for you… but I definitely think its worth trying out.  This is a great option for those following a keto or low-carb diet, or if you just want to try out a healthier alternative for white rice.


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