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Good Sleep For A Strong Immune System

March 19, 2020 Report

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I really wanted to give a good amount of time of using this product to give an honest review. I would consider myself someone with high anxiety at times and when this happens I can have trouble falling asleep. I wanted to know if taking something like this would help me feeling more rested and carrying less stress during the day. 

I have always been super cautious what I put in my body a so I took the time to research each ingredient and felt happy knowing these were safe. Veeva Sleep is made with Valerin, Skullcap, Lemon Balm, California Poppy and Magnesium which works together to give you a great night sleep. 

I have now been using Veeva Sleep for 2 weeks and really started to notice a difference a few days in. If you take it for a night or two and don't notice a difference keep taking it and you will start to notice a better sleep. I also started to take it earlier so that it had time to kick in before bed. I think now is the time to be buying supplements to build our immune system and good sleep and low stress is the the most important thing you can be doing right now.


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