Peopletail - Shop, Sell, and Earn.

Introducing Peopletail Rewards

We make it easy for people to become affiliates for Shopify retailers and sell products.

For Retailers

  • Easy to use Shopify App
  • Create promotions for products and collections
  • Choose reward values
  • Determine user eligibility
  • Track and view statistics
  • Streamline payouts with affiliates

For Affiliates

  • Download free iOS or Android App
  • Discover promotions
  • Share links with their friends and followers
  • Track and view statistics
  • Able to generate discount codes
  • Get paid via the app

Our Team

We believe the sales channel of people can transform retail like never before.

Raji Kalra

Co-founder & CEO

Ming Tse

Co-founder & CTO

Ali Khan

Director, Operations & Accounting

Tarra Clark

Director, Client Services

Tyler Simpson

Customer Success, Peopletail Rewards

Sahil Jain

Shopify Specialist

Naser Alubaidi

Marketplace Sales Channels, AMZ Scale

Syed Abu Sayeed

Lead Designer

Anna Cabrera

Public Relations

Ajit Das

Fullstack Developer

Lee Bowie

Technical Advisor, IBM


Ash Singh

Investor & Entrepreneur


Garry Chan

Advisor - VentureLab


Rafic Sidani

President & CEO, Ecoideas


Thomas Bedford

CEO, Healthology

Value-added Services

We offer a range of specialized services to help scale your business.